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Javiously Photography

Product Photographer – Hello, I’m Javier Gary, a TN based creative. I’m not just a photographer, whatever I think of, I try and go for! Since, about 14 or 15 I’ve been inspired by art, in many forms. More specifically, photography! After, receiving my first camera I was driven to capture the most epic nature and wildlife scenes. Fast-forward to now I’ve developed a passion for weddings, portrait, fashion, and event photography! I enjoy capturing those off-guard moments that may never happen again, or the people we love! My ultimate goal is to make you smile, even more than you have smiled before! Location: TennesseeRead More →

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Signature Events by Anitra

We are a full time, full service event planning firm right here in the Tri-Cities. Established in 2015, A.L Signature Events was featured in the 2018 Jonesboro Herald & Tribune Wedding Trends and Traditions! We pride ourselves on keeping up with the current trends, as well as traditions to meet every brides needs. We were also awarded the 2019 best of Johnson City for event planners. We are very passionate about every detail and event design, to give you a truly signature look and feel. We are fortunate to have both event design & floral designer already on staff. We will also be an advocateRead More →

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Ark BM

We are a Branding & Marketing Collective located in the heart of Palm Beach County, Florida. What differentiates us from our competition is our localized outsourced partnerships with creative specialists in our community who know the area and what customers are seeking. Our services include: Designing marketable brands, creating conversion-ready landing pages, building results-driven campaigns, and throwing amazing business events!  ArkBM mission is to bring local talent to local businesses to help build a stronger profitable community. Florida/Atlanta GA More →

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