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Dr.Martin Luther King and the “Hotel Of Hope” – Hyatt Regency Atlanta.

The Hyatt Regency Atlanta holds a history that is not known to most, but, as the Bureaus founders are Men of Morehouse that history impacts us, as well as the greater Atlanta community deeply. The story below describes how this hotel was the center of providing Black excellence long before the Bureau was established to demand it, that is why they are recognized as a National Better Black Business Accredited Company.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and his 1967 Southern Christan Leadership Conference were Hyatt Regency Atlantas second conference meeting customers…

Why & How?

The event was turned away by another hotel, and Dr. King famously looked at the new Atlanta Hyatt and said, “Maybe that will be our hotel of Hope….” In August 1967 Dr.King spoke in HRA Regency Ballroom which is still in use today. HRA continues to celebrate Dr. King’s legacy. His deputies remain loyal partners, including Ambassador Andrew Young and Broadcast Pioneer Xernona Clayton who organized the 1967 meeting. Ms. Clayton recounted HRA’s Civil Rights history for the Atlantic magazine in 2017.

Also in 2017 HRA renamed its executive suite the “Coretta Scott King Suite”. Coretta Scott King founded Atlanta’s King Center and was a pioneering global civil rights activist leader. The HRA Heritage Celebration recognizes our connection to Atlanta’s Civil Rights community and honors key figures in the movement. Honorees have included Ambassador Andrew Young, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Coretta Scott King, and many others.

The future relationship between the Bureau and HRA seeks to expand honorees, bring more attention to the Heritage Celebration, and once again promote HRA as the “Hotel Of Hope”.

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How Americas’ 5 LARGEST BANKS took performative stances on Black Lives Matter and Racial Equity.

It is our belief that true accountability cannot ever be achieved if is it not assessed from the individual and independent perspective of those whom it intends to account for it. During last summer, the beginning of a reinvigorated national and arguably global reckoning with racial inequality occurred. Two-thirds of the S&P 500 companies made supportive statements after the death of George Floyd which sparked this reinvigorated spirit; following suit 36% of those companies made financial contributions to racial justice organizations and 14% actually stated Black Lives Matter, according to As You Sow, as California based group that promotes environmental and social corporate responsibility. OverRead More →

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Morehouse students lead the 2nd Atlanta Student Movement to advocate for accountable corporate responsibility in regards to racial equity commitments.

Student leaders currently matriculating at Morehouse College have formed the 2nd Atlanta Student Movement with the endorsement of Atlanta Council Member Micheal Julian Bond. These students were inspired by the legacy left from the actions of Julius Bond, Joseph Pierce, and Lonnie King Jr who led students to participate in the original Atlanta Student Movement (1960-1965). Student representatives from 6 colleges and universities here in Atlanta have signed the 2nd Atlanta Student Movement Petition. (Morehouse College, Clark Atlanta Uni, Georgia State Uni, Spelman College, Georgia Tech.) The goal is to bring awareness to corporate responsibility and accountability as it relates to racial equity practices. “StudentsRead More →

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Sign our petition Click here to sign now The 2nd Atlanta Student Movement is Atlanta’s collegiate corporate racial equity accountability initiative. We are petitioning 20 companies to take our racial equity accountability survey to take their racial equity performance and commitments. The Black Certification Agency, a Public Benefit Corporation, was founded during the summer of 2020 by a group of Morehouse students with backgrounds in nonprofits, entrepreneurship, business, economics, marketing, public relations, and leadership. Our purpose; to fill the need for accountability in corporate social responsibility practices as it relates to Black and African American people. We are an independent student-led organization that advocates forRead More →

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DEJ Group: Diverse Talent

The DEJ Group connects diverse talent with inclusive companies. We are dedicated to uncovering the real needs of our client organizations and bringing forward a slate of vetted candidates with an array of backgrounds and experiences. We work with companies to search for and acquire qualified candidates for CXO, vice president, general manager, and director roles. Our industry focus is nonprofit, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing. Leveraging our technical experience, business acumen, and passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion, we create value for companies by searching and finding the best talent for their open opportunities. If interested, let’s connect and chat about what’s possible. “Confidence isRead More →

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BCAs Official & Full Case for Black Certification Advocacy

The Case for the Call for Black Certification™:  The overall case for Black Certification is broken down into 3 dispositions that encompass our stance and reasoning behind our call to action. We layout the supporting details of the 3 areas we are advocating for and describe how one is achieved through Black Certification. Each area is represented in one or more questions within the BCA review and scoring guidelines. They are outlined below: The Case for the call for Economic Development Opportunities.  The Case for the call for Authentic Consumer Engagement. The Case for the call for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The foundational case forRead More →

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