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BBBB is not just for emerging entrepreneurs but established built business people, and it is imperative that we have a network in place”

Jamal Bryant

American Minister and Author

Atlanta like any metropolitan city has always had a concentration of black and brown entrepreneurs…there has been a lot of successes in our history but we are reaching a new phase in this new century where the majority now have an greater awareness of the struggles African Americans have had.

Michael Julian Bond

Atlanta City Council Member (Post 1 At Large)

It’s all about diversity, inclusion, and representation…making people feel like they’re apart of your process & what you have to offer”

DJ Ricoveli

Founder/CEO Black Mogul EMBASSY inc ~ #3 HBCU DJ in the nation

Better Black Business Ambassadors


National Better Black Business Bureau Ambassadors are the finest representatives of Better Black Business culture! Our ambassadors are a community of public leaders, figures, and influencers that intend to further the mission of improving minority business and helping to impact their individual businesses.

Beginning in and throughout your entire accreditation process our committee analysts actively employ the best BBBB Ambassadors to contextually help your business in the social atmosphere. Whenever perfect opportunities arise and are seen as a benefit to your business a committee analyst will reach out to you. Our ambassadors are the fashion bloggers and models visiting BBBB accredited boutiques, lash studios, and hair & nail salons. They are the upcoming rap and hip-hop artist and food blogger who will wear your brand, eat at your restaurant, and use your products. This can happen during the accreditation process or at any point after. This is the benefit of a continuous relationship with The Bureau.

BBBB Ambassadors are the real voices advocating for the betterment of the minority business community that make the Bureau’s efforts possible. We appreciate ambassadors for sharing our vision for a better, stronger, and wealthier minority business community. That’s our goal! As an ambassador of the Better Black Business Bureau, they assist us in promoting the values of better Black business culture in a real tangible way. This means in their everyday lives  patronizing Better Black accredited businesses.  Direct connection to the Bureau allows our ambassadors to inform us directly on the real issues being face by minority consumers in the marketplace.

- Key Ambassador Roles -

These are the key ways our ambassadors can show their support for the Bureau and all BBBB Accredited companies



THE finest reperesentatives of minority business


To become an Ambassador email with the subject line “NBBBBB AMBASSADORSHIP” in all caps.

we know that a successful ambassador program can influence people to purchase a product or service simply by having an influencer on social media advocate for a product or service. It’s the original flavour of influencer marketing and can work for brands that aren’t necessarily on social media, too. Ideally, a brand’s ambassadors will have access to and an established relationship with the brand’s target audience of potential customers.