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Review: Keshia Jai Collections

I ordered from Keshia back in September. I noticed maybe halfway during the month that my order was supposed to come and still hadn’t. I emailed, called, texted customer service. I’ve been doing this since September, just to get nothing at all. I have YET to receive my order. She has NOT even followed up with me to ensure I did not issued a refund or anything. I even filed a dispute with my bank just for them to tell me I can’t get a refund. This company is not big on customer service I see and that’s sad because I’ve purchased from her atRead More →

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This incident occurred during October 2020. The Colberts were denied service due to Mr Colberts attire (White Air Forces). The owner, a self described “sneaker-head”, alleged his restaurant prohibits sneakers like the ones Mr. Colbert was wearing. However, at the time of the couple being removed a lady, who was not black, watched from the bar with white adidas on. The owner was steadfast in his decision to remove the couple and flaunted his influential network in Atlanta even stating,” What’s gonna happen? Nothing”. This is entirely unacceptable & this is a prime example of the uncheck ability businesses and brands all across American haveRead More →

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