Black Certification Agency, Incorporated or BCA: The foundation for BCA began during our founders Freshman Year at Morehouse College. During the summer of 2020 a team of 5 guys and 1 women led by Zaire established the Better Black Business Bureau and went to market. 10 months later during March 2021 BCA was incorporated in Georgia as a Public Benefit Corporation, confounded by Zaire and Sidique jointly. Based in Atlanta, GA however, we operate nationally wherever our clients call. BCA has grown in a relatively short period of time due to the hard-work, determination, and relentless effort of its founders. Our resources are vast and our networks focus on quality or quantity. For us, this means there is virtually no problem our clients will greet us with that we cannot handle. Both founder are long-standing and active members of For(bes) the Culture. BCA itself is a stakeholder company at the Russell Innovation Center For Entrepreneurship or (RICE) in Atlanta, GA as well as the Blackstone Launchpad Fellowship at Morehouse College. Our agency consists of 5 full time partners including our founders, and 15+ project team. 

Our Mission

Find the most innovative ways possible to connect Black communities and voices outside of professional or corporate networks to resources, opportunities, and entrepreneurial guidance from brands who are committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging within the future of corporate America.

It all started here….

Our agency was born in Atlanta, GA through the individual work of Zaire JM Gary and Sidique A King aligning so much so that we decided to join our efforts into one company. While we each had seen, worked, and individually established nonprofits we were more interested in socially motivated for profit entities or public benefit corporations. Each founder has had strong social entrepreneurial spirits so this decision only made since. We began operations as the Better Black Business Bureau in early 2020 and worked with over 50 small Black owned businesses through our accreditation process. A year later we met with owner of the Gathering Spot ATL LA & DC, Ryan Wilson and decide we would pivot the company. Our goal was to be the solution to a problems most corporations didn’t yet know they would have. We wanted to bridged the gap between the Black communities we had currently worked but focusing on our immediate surroundings – GEN Z. We realized as students of Morehouse in Atlanta GA with our abilities 

We realized, as students of Morehouse in Atlanta GA, with our abilities, the resources we had build over the past year, and our dedication to the problems we saw we had an opportunity to not only build a company but create a sustainable future relationship between young Black Americans and old corporate America. 

The passion that fuel our agency comes from our founders clear understanding that without our involvement, the future of corporate of America is not ready to support Black Gen Z as consumers or employees. This is a future we must live in, so we believe in making the future we want to see for ourselves. 

The team

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them


Executive Board Co-Chair
Senior Partner

Sidique King

Executive Board Co-Chair
Senior Partner

Joseph R Hudson

Advisory Board Chair

Authentic engagements has to involve individual perspectives and offer insight that is independent or otherwise external of the party in need.

— Founder & CEO: Zaire JM Gary Tweet

"Unfortunately, it took the energy we witnessed on the summers last summer to convict the killer of George Floyd; that same energy will be necessary to change the landscape of inclusiveness in business for Black Americans. That's why, this is from the Streets to the Boardroom"

— Co-Founder & COO: Sidique A King Tweet

What is your Goal?

we can do it together