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#ASM has partnered with our sponsors over the past year to fuel the stream behind our advocacy campaign. Thanks to their contributions and yours, the students of this movement can remain focused on their studies, and completing their degrees while at the same time changing the landscape for Black Americans in business. We have a vested interest in the business environment we will soon enter into. We are tremendously and sincerely thankful for these individuals and businesses, rather anonymously or not, they believe in our mission in tracking the racial equity commitments of major Atlanta corporations. 


Your contribution helps to fund our continuing online digital advocacy & marketing campaigns to boost our petition across the Atlanta community, statistical data research & labor, #ASM dubuet press conference, and the #ASM Collegiate racial equity Summit.


Upcoming Events: 


August: #ASM Press Conference – More Details Coming Soon


September: #ASM Collegiate Racial Equity Summit – More Details Coming Soon

We have decided, after a year of advocacy, to open up our resources, reach out to our networks and begin accepting contributions from the broad community. Your contribution will be used to support the operations of the 2nd Atlanta Student Movement through the strategic advocacy work of the Black Certification Agency Inc.



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Sponsorship packages

Grassroot lvl: $10 - $100

- Free #asm t-shirt. - Listed as #ASM Sponsor on #ASM webpage. - 1 VIP Ticket to #ASM Summit.

Advocate lvl: $101 - $500

- 2 Tickets to #ASM Press Conference. +1 more VIP Tickets to #ASM Summit.

Organizer lvl: $501 - $1000

- Listed as #ASM Sponsor on all Social Media Channels and Content - Includes Shoutout. +1 more VIP Tickets to #ASM Summit. - Logo Featured on Press Conference Backdrop.

Activist lvl: $1,001 - $2,500+

- Featured during #ASM Summit as “Official #ASM Sponsor” - Included logos and/or name on all backdrops, fliers, posters, etc. - (Optional*) Mentioned During Press Conference as “Official Partner” Corporate Invitation to all Events - Includes Full Access.