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Charmed N Purpose

Description: I am a 19-year-old entrepreneur and student, who attends the Spelman College. I took my love for jewelry and accessorizing and started my quarantine business in July of 2019. My only mission is for my customers to feel special while wearing their unique and custom Charmed N Purpose pieces! Owner: Nalla’ Dumas Website: More →

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Javiously Photography

Product Photographer – Hello, I’m Javier Gary, a TN based creative. I’m not just a photographer, whatever I think of, I try and go for! Since, about 14 or 15 I’ve been inspired by art, in many forms. More specifically, photography! After, receiving my first camera I was driven to capture the most epic nature and wildlife scenes. Fast-forward to now I’ve developed a passion for weddings, portrait, fashion, and event photography! I enjoy capturing those off-guard moments that may never happen again, or the people we love! My ultimate goal is to make you smile, even more than you have smiled before! Location: TennesseeRead More →

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Hyatt Regency Atlanta

The Hyatt Regency Atlanta is a business hotel located on Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Opened in 1967 as the Regency Hyatt House, John C. Portman, Jr.‘s revolutionary 22-story atrium design for the hotel has influenced hotel design enormously in the years since.[4] The hotel instantly became one of the most recognized buildings in Atlanta. The building consists of the main “Atrium Tower” and two extensions, completed in 1971 and 1982, respectively, containing a total of 1,260 rooms.[5] On top of the Hyatt Regency is a revolving restaurant called Polaris, located just beneath the blue dome-shaped structure which gives the hotel its distinctive profile. This was Portman’s first designed revolving restaurant of many.[citation needed]When the hotelRead More →

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