curated business network

The Black Certification Agency established the United Black Coalition, as a network of  businesses and organizations.

We have isolated firms that are readily available to produce the solutions to the problems our assessment makes companies aware of. These businesses and organizations are selected provide support in various areas of our Black Certification™ audit as their particular missions or businesses specifically align. Businesses and organizations are uniquely selected based on their capability to solve the issues companies face when committing to their statements surrounding racial injustice and inequalities. UBC is the Black Certification Agency exclusive business recommendation network that is focused only on firms dedicated to solving diverse problems.

Our network includes but is not limited to: B2B businesses, services-based firms, suppliers business, contractor business, vendors, and creative agencies (media, film, marketing, content creation, design).  Learn More Below:

More About UBC

We push our certified clients to stand behind their statements to support Black and African American communities, businesses, and people. As we examine and as demanded by our certified clients, UBC members can assist within that members’ specific area of expertise rather it’s an economic development opportunity, DE&I initiative or policy, or an innovative consumer engagement campaign. 

The United Black Coalition list consists of Black-led and majority-owned businesses and/or organizations with missions that solve specific areas contained within the Black Certification equity audit. All UBC members want to do business with the corporate community in some capacity or may they have something ready to offer them. UBC members are logistically capable to do business with major corporations at any demand required. UBC members are the active solutions to the various issues a corporation encounters while working toward racial equity an inclusive economy, and authentic consumer relationships. 

Rather it is; the lack of diverse hiring, lack of diverse talent, lack of diverse supply changes, diverse subcontractors, effective niche marketing campaigns, effective niche product releases, properly combating previous statements, or properly combating direct adverse effects on behalf of the company, –

The solution can be found among the United Black Coalition Members.

Pivotal Access

It is pivotal for minority-owned businesses to have the access and opportunity to gain contracts and/or otherwise do business with the corporate community. It is pivotal for the corporate community to have access to Black-led firms that will diversify supply chains without infringing upon profit or efficiency and/or Black-led creative agencies who can lead authentic and viral campaigns because they intrinsically connect with the end consumer.

This is a real step towards building an inclusive economy in a country where business enterprise drives the overall economy. Black Certification clients have access to diverse, vetted, recommendable businesses and utilize their services within their own organizations. The United Black Coalition is the most diverse corporate service business recommendation network. It is essential to Black Certification and is crucial to major corporations’ commitments to their social responsibilities.