• Companies with consumer audiences consisting of no less than approximately 14% Black or African Americans. 
  • Companies that have clear operational marketing intentions to better engage with Black or African American consumers. 

How it works


Certification review guidelines

The BCA Certification reviewing and scoring process is broken down into 5 categories. 

  • – Opportunity and Representation –
  • – Investments in Black Culture –
  • – Community Contributions –
  • – Responsible Operations –
  • – Reviews –


At the beginning of each category is a description of the overarching principles that are present within the section below it. Questions are presented in a broad manner in order to gain a full understanding of a business. Attached to each individual question is a set of points; the range of these points varies depending on the question. In cases where we inquire for a percentage in relation to workforce data, we are looking to see how that percentage for the respective question reflects or relates to the national population rate of Black & African Americans (13.4%), or the rate of African Americans present in a firms consumer base(if data if available), or for local or centralized businesses it will be compared to the city or county population rate.

(x,0,x) – for these questions, you will either score between x and 0 negatively which indicates your firm is underperforming, or between x and 0 positively which indicates your firm is overperforming or simply 0 indicating your firm is neither.

(x,0) – for these questions is it only possible to score negatively or no points at all. 

(0,x) – for these questions is it only possible to score positively or your firm score no points at all.

  • 24 Questions
  • Maximum points to gain (the highest amount of positive points available): 150
  • Maximum points to lose (the highest amount of negative points available): 140


  1. Representation and Opportunity (R&O): R&O primarily looks at your firm’s workforce data. How much does the internal human capital of a firm reflect the external environment around it? How often are Black and African Americans hired, promoted, and fired? 


      • What percentage of this companies’ senior or executive leadership and management officers, including the board of directors (if applicable), are Black or African Americans? (-5,0,6)

      • What percentage of this companies’ new hires virtually throughout the firm in the last year have been Black or African American? (-5,0,6)

      • Does this company disproportionately employ Black or African Americans in one area, location, or division? If so, where and why (-5,0,6)

      • What percentage of this company’s overall employees are Black or African American? (-7,0,8)

      • Are there any wage inequalities present within this company? (-5,0)

      • Do your Black or African American employees feel satisfied with the quality of their work experience and/or environment? (-7,0,8)
  1. Responsible Operations are taking a look at the operational logistics of a firm and determining if there are areas where they are negatively affecting Black and African American consumers, communities, and/or employees.


    • Is this companies product manufacturing contingent at any point on slave labor (prisoners), human trafficking, human bondage, or slave trading? (-10,0)

    • Does this company produce any products specific to Black or African American consumers? ( 75%-100% of product sales are Black or African American consumer) (-5,0,5)

    • What percentage of this companies marketing budget is directed solely to Black or African American consumers? {Should be related to the same percentage of your consumer base} (-5,0,5)

    • Does this company employ Black or African American subcontractors, vendors, or suppliers to fulfill its sole mission? (0,5)

    • Has this company participated in any operations that may have supported or profited from mass incarceration? (-6,0)

    • Has this company participated in any operations that may have supported, invested in, or enhanced miseducation in the Black or African American community (-6,0) 

    • Does this company donate any portion of funds into systematically racist organizations or legislation? (-7,0)

    • Is this corporation currently or have they ever been a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council. (-7,0)

Community contribution seeks to isolate all the ways in which a firm can and does create tangible contributions directly into Black or African American communities, nonprofits, and initiatives.


    • Does this company invest any portion of its excess profits in public markets, securities, or any other investment vehicle not directly related to the main business of this company? If so, what percentage of those are funds are directed to Black or African American businesses, banks, etc? (-6,0,10)

    • Does this company have any incentives, programs, or campaigns aimed at social justice, economic reform, or addressing racial inequalities? (0,8)

    • Has this company donated to Black or African American-led nonprofit organizations? (0,5)

    • Did this company pledge a financial contribution to Black or African Americans during the fall and summer of 2020 specifically into Black or African American communities, jobs, businesses, governmental reforms, entertainment, nonprofits, equal justice initiatives, Black lives matter, racial inequalities, or any other organizations, initiatives or campaigns (0,6)

    • Can accurate documentation be provided to support and track the progress of these contributions? (-10,0,10)

    • At what rate does this company recruit HBCU students or graduates for employment (-6,0,6)
  1. Investments in Black culture are the things a firm does that embraces and integrates Black and African American culture as apart of its business’s brand.


        • Does and did this company publicly support the Black Lives Matter movement? (0,10)

        • At what rate does this company depict Black or African Americans in its marketing campaigns compared to not? (-8,0,10)

        • Does this company positively or negatively support and depict Black or African American culture through its advertising? (-6,0,10)

        • How often does this company use Black or African American Instagram models and/or influencers? (-8,0,10)

All credible reviews submitted to the agency during or before a firms certification review process are considered and calculated (-16,0,16)