About Certfication

Becoming Black Certified enlists Black-owned businesses and their owners into a global community dedicated to the empowerment of Black-owned businesses. Membership means these businesses have unrestricted access to a plethora of focused resources Our goal is connecting our members directly to the people, opportunities, and information they need to operate, scale, and succeed. We noticed that there are tens of thousands to millions of dollars being allocated from various corporations and organizations focused on Black owners and Black businesses that are not being utilized. Black Certification is a modern enterprise certification built to funnel these resources from large corporations into the hands of the owners who need them. Black Certification is the necessary and preliminary step for the startup and small business to access capital, information, events, news, visibility, opportunities, advisors, resources, partnerships, and much much more.

The problem

Throughout the business-building process, Black business owners face economic, market, sociocultural, and institutional barriers, which are all linked to racial discrimination in the United States. Economic barriers relate to disempowerment and the costs of low starting levels of capital—for individuals, families, and communities. Market barriers result from unaddressed needs, often related to challenges of access—to capital, expertise, and services. Sociocultural barriers encompass the biased and exclusionary ways in which Black entrepreneurs are more likely to be blocked from gaining social capital, such as helpful relationships that make up business networks. Finally, institutional barriers are supported by the systems in which Black-owned businesses operate and include factors as basic as their locations.” 

(Building supportive ecosystems for Black-owned US business; mckinsey.com; David Baboolall, Nina Yancy, Kelemwork Cook, Nick Noel, and Shelley Stewart)

"The issue is having the proper availibility and access to systems that stimulate growth"

All businesses go through 4 stages in order to reach a level of scalability. It all starts with the ideation, then startup, sustain, and scale. Throughout each of these stages, businesses will face unique challenges and barriers to achieving their specific goals. 

However, for Black-Owned businesses, these challenges and barriers are much greater and more prevalent than any other ethnic group. 

Only 4 percent of Black American businesses survive the start-up stage, even though 20 percent of Black Americans start businesses. (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, 2017, gemconsortium.org; Dow Jones VentureSource, 2018). 

Despite relatively low chances for survival and the COVID-19 pandemic, Black entrepreneurs are still developing new businesses at an unprecedented rate. The issue is having the proper availability and access to systems that stimulate business growth. Black owners need unrestricted and prioritized access to resources for every stage of the business-building process.

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

Why join?

The benefits of becoming Black Certified are broad and expansive. Each certified enterprise has specific needs, aspirations, and business growth goals. Our job is to assist you in reaching those goals through the right application and awareness  of the proper resources. 

Corporate Resources

Direct prioritized access too and awareness of available corporate resources.
Corporate business resources can range from but are not limited too: Seminars, consulting services, discounted services, grants, pitch competitions, and more.

Growth Opportunities

Collaborations, Partnerships, and Business service needs.
Across our network we promote our certified companies to fill the needs of other certified companies. This includes collaboration opportunities, partnerships, and business servicing needs.

Weekly Newsletter

Includes filtered and relevant information.
Our weekly newsletter includes filtered and relevant information concerning industry updates, opportunities, and news.

Exclusive Access

Through our partners we gain our partners:
Exclusive access to professional, business and entrepreneurial networks; as well as business deals occurring in there industry.

how it works

Phase 1


New members apply here by completing an onboarding form here, on our website. Applicants will receive a response within 24-36hrs. Contain in the responding email will be a link to 

Phase 2

Growth Opportunities

Throughout our entire external network all available opportunities will be posted in the weekly newsletter. Opportunities can include business service needs like consulting or marketing,  product needs, and new networks.  

Phase 3

Exclusive Access

We utilize partnerships with various community organizations that provide exclusive resources to our certified members. This can range from prioritized or special interest applications, and exclusive event invitations. We provide exclusive access to multiple networking opportunities through otherwise exclusive networks.  

Our goal is connecting businesses to Opportunities for Success

So, let's Empower each other. Together!