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(B)lack (E)quity Certification

BE-Certification is an innovative approach and testament to diversity. Our goal is to validate your CSR actions for the general and broad community, signifying your firm as "Black Equity Certified"

Setting the stage

THe Numbers show us....

Of the S&P500 Companies...

Made statements after George Floyd’s murder.

Of those statements.....

Were posted on the companies’ website.


on social media


Stated “Black Lives Matter”


of Fortune 500s made financial contributions to Racial Justice Organization.  (source: As we Sow; nation’s non-profit leader in shareholder advocacy. Founded in 1992)


 – of millennials tend to gravitate toward purchases that are an expression of their personality — the brand must speak to them at this level and make them feel good.”  (source: Understanding the research on millennial shopping behaviors forbes.com 2020)

ESG (Environmental - Social - Governance) Funds accounted for

 – of all the money that flowed into all U.S. stock and bond mutual funds last year. (source: according to Morningstar.)

Q: What is a racial Equity audit?

 A racial equity audit is an independent analysis of a company’s business practices in an effort to identify and ferret out practices that may have a discriminatory effect (in our case specifically as it relates to Black Americans). Such an audit could also evaluate a company’s current efforts or efforts in response to the events in the summer of 2020.

“The best way to punish a wicked system within capitalism is to use capital, your dollar, to show that systemic racism is bad for money & it’s bad for business.”
Killer MIke
American Rapper, Businessman & Activist

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